Science Weeks

Science Week aims at bringing youth and their teachers together to learn and explore science and technology in an exceptional interactive way and improve their skills through unique science, technology, and engineering and math activities.

School Visits

We bring to schools various interactive science workshops designed for students of all ages.  Activities range from learning about aviation and rocketry to discovering the cosmos and the latest inventions in technology. Workshops are delivered in a particularly educational way that develops the students learning and thinking skills and engage in fun and exciting hands on experiences.

Portable StarLab

Students immerse themselves in the excitement of the universe as they stop inside our portable StarLab. This StarLab is a large portable dome that can be easily set up in a school gym or a large space with a high ceiling. The StarLab presents video images and simulations that take them into amazing space discoveries without leaving earth. They are challenged to use their critical thinking skills like scientists to better understand the rotation of the earth, the moon, the sun, and the difference between the planets and the stars.

Mobile Science Labs

A travelling team of NASA volunteer Scientists and Educational Experts demonstrating interactive science learning activities using cutting edge science equipment to youth centers, science clubs and special events. Students, parents and science enthusiasts of all ages are engaged in a variety of skill enhancement, hands-on, exciting and fun learning activities.

Grove of Hope Youth Science Fairs

Our Science fair offers fun and educational science and technology exhibits presented in innovative and interactive worlds. Through demonstrations and hands-on activities in our hub, children and their parents have the opportunity to learn and apply new scientific learning techniques. Participants learn about the latest human inventions and space innovations that increase their awareness and interest in science and enhance their learning and thinking skills.  A unique experience you do not want to miss!