Science Workshops for Teachers

Grove of Hope offers science enrichment experiences for educators through our science workshops.  Our workshops are designed to provide teachers with current material and techniques which will capture the imagination of their students and make science fun to learn.

Our workshops are conducted by leading science educational specialists.  They are intended to expose teachers to current teaching resources and activities and the use of alternative teaching strategies including inquiry learning and educational technologies.

The workshops support teachers who are motivated and who want to explore new and exciting teaching techniques of how they can teach science and make it a fun learning experience for their students.

Teaching Hands on Activities

Grove of Hope encourages teachers to practice their acquired training in science with groups of students and discover how to adapt their new content knowledge, experience, and materials into simulated educational situations. This workshop helps improve the interaction between teachers and students and takes them into a more engaging way of teaching and learning.

Students and Teachers Workshops

Grove of Hope offers an excellent opportunity to both teachers and students to explore together an exciting learning experience through interactive hands-on activities in science and technology. The session aims at raising the awareness and understanding of each other’s teaching and learning expectations.